Frequently Asked Questions

*What is birth photography?

Birth photography captures the precious moments when your darling babe comes into this world. I will document your birth in a way that tells the story.

*When is the best time to schedule my birth and newborn session?

The best time to schedule your birth session is as soon as possible to ensure your time frame of the expected due date. The best time to schedule your newborn session is within the first 10 days of life. It is very important to schedule your session within this time frame because your new babe is so sleepy and will it very easy to gentle move around without them even knowing it.

*What happens if our baby is born earlier or later then the expected due date?

Once we have scheduled your session we will choose a date that is within the expected due date for our session. if your babe is early or late, we will simply re-adjust our session date.

*How long after our photo session will it take to receive our images?

It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to edit and send you your photos.

*Do you have a contract for us to sign?

Yes. This way both you, as my client, and I, as the photographer are protected. Additionally, the contract helps give you an idea of what to expect.